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Understanding Lync 2013 Branch Site Voice Mail Survivability

Recently I was working on a customer’s global roll-out of Lync 2013 and we were designing how their branch sites would work from a voice perspective. Each branch site would have an SBA for voice connectivity to the legacy PBX/ISDN and for survivability, but we also had to map out how voice mail would work in the event of WAN failure.

Here’s how things would look like in a normal scenario with the WAN up:

vm reroute

With the Exchange Unified Messaging servers being in the central data centre along with the main Front End pool, this meant we needed to configure voice mail survivability. This is a feature Lync 2013 provides out of the box, but not one I knew a lot about or how to configure it. Outlined at the bottom of the TechNet Library article Branch-Site Resiliency Requirements, we can determine how Lync still provides voice mail deposit and retrieval in the event that the SBA cannot contact the central Exchange UM server/s. Continue reading

Configuring Lync Server 2010 to use more than two Exchange Unified Messaging servers

This gotcha was brought to my attention by Ari Protheroe during a recent deployment where a Lync Server 2010 Front End pool needed to communicate with an Exchange Unified Messaging dial plan that consisted of more than two servers. This is an important one to know during the planning/deployment phase of a scaled/resilient environment to ensure all the UM servers you’ve deployed are actually being utilised by every Front End server. Continue reading