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Skype for Business – Microsoft’s master stroke

I first published this post over on LinkedIn.

The launch of Skype for Business is the last piece in the puzzle that will have users excited about Microsoft’s enterprise communications software. It’s going to change the conversation from “well, it’s this app that integrates with Office and you can use it to chat and make phone calls” to a simple statement of “you know Skype? It’s that, but for business”.

Here’s why I think come end of April/start of May, Microsoft will be set up to win in the business productivity space, leave competitors for dead and ultimately enable tons of enterprises worldwide to simply get stuff done easier and faster. Continue reading

Lync to Skype Connectivity Now Available

Microsoft have recently announced that Lync to Skype connectivity is now available. Meaning you can now send IM and make audio calls to Skype users (provided they are logged into Skype using their Microsoft account). Video calling is not yet available unfortunately.

This integration is achieve using your existing Lync to Windows Live PIC (Public IM Connectivity) federation, hence the requirement for the Skype user to be logged in with their Windows Live/Microsoft address.

Once you’ve added the user’s Windows Live/Microsoft address, you can IM them like this:


Continue reading

Microsoft Discontinues Some Forefront Security Products used by Lync

We knew this was coming for a while and had discussed this on The UC Architects Podcast recently, but Microsoft have finally made it official. The application most Lync Pros use to publish Lync’s web services externally, Forefront TMG 2010, is going the way of the ghost along with Microsoft’s OCS/Lync hygiene application – Forefront Security for OCS (FSOCS). Continue reading