Lync CEBP in action – never miss an IM again

I see loads of requests on the Microsoft TechNet forums from time to time asking whether Lync can be configured to automatically bring the conversation window forward when a new IM comes through. This is because the flashing icon in the Windows taskbar can be easy to miss if someone has IM’d you and you didn’t happen to be at your PC.

We sat down at Modality and thought about how we could solve this problem. I’m stoked to announce that Paul Nearney and his awesome development team have come up with a solution. Presenting SuperToast by Modality Systems:

SuperToast will bring your new IMs up in a notification window on your desktop so it’s totally obvious you’ve just been IM’d. No more missing critical messages because they’re sitting in your taskbar going unanswered.

SuperToast is a cinch to install and runs in the system tray. It can be configured to wait a certain period of time (default 30 seconds) before accepting the IM and presenting the notification.

Check out more info on Paul Nearney’s blog, Code Lync, about the this release, available free from Modality Systems.

1 thought on “Lync CEBP in action – never miss an IM again

  1. Mike Rothschild

    Can I send an to OUTLOOK whenever I get a LYNC invite? It woild be really cool to forward IM to my blackberry.

    Thanks in advance


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