Microsoft Lync, Group Chat, SQL Mirroring and Site Resilience

So the last few weeks I’ve been nutting out what happens when you deploy the backend Lync and Group Chat SQL databases onto a SQL Server 2008 R2 mirror pair for site resilience purposes. This is an unsupported scenario, so needless to say the results were quite fascinating.

I saw some very interesting behaviour when you simulated a failure of the primary SQL node and activated the standby node in another site. I also had to hack at it like crazy to try and get Lync to connect to the mirror node, both for the regular backend databases and for the Group Chat database.

Let me just whet your appetite by saying, some things work well, other things don’t work at all.
Database Mirroring in SQL I’ve learnt is actually a very robust and flexible HA solution for databases, but there are only some ways it could potentially be useful for Lync.

Standby for a full write up in the near future. 🙂

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