Cumulative Update 4 (CU4) for Lync Server 2010 Released

Over the weekend, the much anticipated Cumulative Update 4 for Lync Server 2010 was released. I was up in Scotland enjoying sunny Glasgow so missed out on providing super-cutting edge breaking news, but fellow Modality consultants Tom Arbuthnot and Ari Protheroe and MUCUGL co-founder Adam Jacobs covered it pretty extensively in their blogs.

This CU is a precursor for the Mobility side of things on the server, and is in preparation for the impending release of the Lync Mobile clients for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and Symbian. It does not however, actually include the Mobility server components requires to provide functionality for the mobile clients (as Lync MVP Kevin Peters mentioned).

In addition to enabling new functionality, there are a bunch of bugs fixed in this update relating to things like CAC, file transfer, the Address Book service, media flow for AV conferencing and much much more.

There are a few new Lync Server Management Shell cmdlets in CU4, and they all pertain to mobility. I won’t reinvent the wheel here by explaining what they all do as Tom has covered them all really well from the CU4 help file in his blog post above.

As always, these updates are cumulative (hence the name), which means they contain all updates from previous CUs as well. Remember to back up your Lync servers and configuration before applying the update.
The Microsoft download link is available here.

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