Video – Lync Server 2013 Database Mirroring and Pool Pairing

As part of my preparation for TechEd 2013, I recorded my demos using Camtasia as a backup in case the internet went down during my breakout sessions. Fortunately it didn’t, and I was able to do my demos live, but I did still have the videos on hand. So rather than deleting them, I thought it’d be a good idea to upload these for reference. Hope they’re helpful.

Database Mirroring in Lync Server 2013

This demo shows how database mirroring is configured, how to fail over databases manually and how mirroring works during an unplanned database failure. Apologies that the quality isn’t fantastic in this one.

Pool Pairing in Lync Server 2013

In this video, I demo how pool pairing is configured to provide disaster recovery, how you can failover users from one pool to another and what the user experience looks like.

3 thoughts on “Video – Lync Server 2013 Database Mirroring and Pool Pairing

  1. Alan McBurney

    Hi Justin.

    Nice video on using failover pools.

    This has got me thinking about what happens when SBA’s are in play.

    If I’m using an SBA with the users homed against the SBA and in turn the SBA is using the Front End as its backup registrar what happends when you invoke failover against the front end server?

    Does the SBA reconfigure itself to use the alternate FE or does the SBA need to be configured manually?


    1. Justin Morris Post author

      Yeah we’ve been thinking about this particular scenario. I haven’t tested it, but my initial thought is that the SBA would lose it’s backup registrar relationship temporarily whilst that FE pool is down. Pool pairing and the failover of them is solely aimed at providing DR for Front End pools, so I don’t think automatic failover of the attached SBA would have been in scope of product development.

      Could be totally wrong though, will see what I can dig up around this.

  2. Carolyn Blanding

    SBA failover is not in scope. It’s my understanding, which I haven’t tested yet, that if you change the association of an SBA from the primary to the failover pool, the SBA users’ data and conferencing will be available. Changing the association is a manual process and does require that the primary and failover pools are defined in the same Lync Site.


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