Support for Large Meetings (up to 1000!) on Microsoft Lync Server 2010

A quick one to let you know that Microsoft have just released a document with advice on how to configure your Lync Server 2010 environment to support large meetings.

Previously the hard limit was always 250 participants per meeting. That was increased not too long ago to 1000, but there was no guidance regarding how you could plan or scale your environment for this, until now.

The catch is, you need a dedicated Front End pool for the meeting, and only one meeting can occur at a time. No users, no other services on it at all. I can see the reasoning behind this to achieve the best user experience but personally, I’d probably be sticking to the Live Meeting service if I needed to host meetings of this size.

When it comes to what can be presented in the meeting, we’re talking about most functionality. PowerPoint, application sharing, audio and video. No mention of application/desktop sharing though, so it sounds like that’d hit your resources hard in a huge conference like this.

The document also includes some interesting stats Microsoft found around how conferences are used on Lync. To find out more, download the document here from the Download Center.

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