Update 14.0.4 for Lync for Mac 2011 Released – Now makes ALL USB audio devices work

Here it is. A public release of an update for Lync for Mac 2011 that supportsĀ all USB devices that have Optimised for Lync stickers on them. This means you can go and download it yourself without calling Microsoft Support and start using your Jabra headsets, Plantronics speakerphones and any other Optimised for Lync device you have. Great news for a Friday!

In case you were wondering, here’s the list of Phones and Devices Qualified for Lync that you can now use.

This update also fixes some video, desktop sharing and sign-in issues.

For further information and to download the update, check out the Microsoft KB article.

11 thoughts on “Update 14.0.4 for Lync for Mac 2011 Released – Now makes ALL USB audio devices work

  1. Charley Kline

    While the 14.0.4 update allows my Plantronics P540-M USB phone to function, it still needs some work as there is no dial tone, no presence indicator light, and the display contains nonsense characters.

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  3. Adrian

    Hi Justin,

    Do you know if its possible to enabled Video with RCC when running Lync 2011 for MAC? Seems to be locked out, Windows Lync client is fine though..


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  5. Dave

    Since the update the notification sounds no longer work. When I receive a new IM even though I have the sound notification enabled it doesn’t work.

    1. Justin Morris

      Hi Dave,

      Have you been able to validate this on another Mac by chance? I have upgraded to 14.0.4 and I still have notification sounds.

  6. Tom

    I can’t get Polycom CX600 phones to work with 14.0.4. Is anyone else experiencing this? The device doesn’t seem to recognize the Mac. If you bypass and do manual sign in you can’t hear people who you call, and after a few seconds the call just sounds like digital noise. Any thoughts?


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