Cumulative Update 5 (CU5) for Lync Server 2010 Released

CU5 for Lync Server 2010 has arrived! This update fixes the “no video in RCC” behaviour (whereby an RCC cannot make a video call at all), as verified by Jamie Stark here on twitter.

Here are the download links:

  • Updates for Server. You just need the LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe to update each server. Download here and view the corresponding KB article explaining what’s fixed.
  • Update for Client (64-bit) download here.
  • Update for Client (32-bit) download here.
  • Update for Group Chat Client download here.

Happy patching!

RCC gets video

Update – Fri 02 Mar 8:30am GMT

I wanted to touch on this a bit more in light of Jamie Stark’s post on NextHop overnight. Some important caveats are raised and I want to highlight a few here:

“For RCC-enabled users to make peer-to-peer video calls and join video conference calls, they need a webcam and a headset, handset, or speakerphone for their workstation or laptop.”

“The update does not support the scenario known as Split AV, where audio is delivered through the desk phone and video comes through the Lync client. The Split AV scenario provides an inconsistent and oftentimes suboptimal end-user experience, because the audio and video use different network paths and frequently lose sync. This means when a user starts an audio call using a PBX phone, they cannot add video to that call. If a call is started using the Lync client as the audio endpoint, it can be escalated to include video.”

“The February 2012 update is all client-side with Lync 2010.”

So if you run RCC today, you’re getting video back. Happy days!

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