Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Preview Available Today – What’s New

Here it is, the next version of Lync. I’m beyond excited. 😀

Download the ISO of the server install files here. Infrastructure Requirements are up on TechNet Library and you can learn more in general on the Lync 2013 Preview page.

A Quick Look at What’s New

I’m going to be pumping out posts on what’s new in the next week or so, but here’s a quick taste based on what I’ve found on TechNet:

  • Multi-party HD Video with H.264 SVC support. In Lync Server 2010, 720p HD video was peer to peer only. In Lync Server 2013, it includes conferences as well.
  • Gallery View for conferencing e.g. brady bunch video view.
  • Skype Federation – includes presence, IM and peer to peer voice.
  • VDI Plugin so Lync voice and video will now work in Remote Desktop sessions.
  • New High Availability scenarios supported (SQL Mirroring!)
  • Group Chat is now called Persistent Chat. It’s a first class citizen in Lync Server 2013 and is delivered in the one, unified client. That’s right, no more separate chat room client!
  • Voice and video in Lync Web App. That means from any endpoint you’re on, join the meeting and be completely involved.

For more info, check out New Clients Features and New Servers Features on TechNet. Stay tuned for more posts about the brand new shiny version of Lync. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Preview Available Today – What’s New

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  4. Chris May

    What is the status of the APIs for Lync 2013? Has their been a shift in approach with the API? I believe that it will be more open and not be so microsoft specific?

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