Modality Systems Upcoming UC Webinar Series

We’re pleased to announce that we have a series of upcoming UC webinars for both the US and UK audiences. The series covers a range of topics and will offer attendees practical advice, best practices and a balanced insight into UC and Lync, calling upon a combination of expert knowledge, customer experiences and industry insight.

Here’s the schedule for our UK series:

Thursday 22nd May, 2014

Is there a business value case for UC & Lync in your organisation?

Understanding the business value and total economic impact of Lync in order to assess Return on Investment (ROI) and build a business case for your organisation.

This webinar will walk through the aspects and considerations of building the business value case, with tips and experiences that can be applied to your own situations. Get insight into real world examples of how customers in multiple industries have developed successful business cases to deploy Lync and achieved a positive return on their investment.

Presenter:  Justin Morris and Andy Buchanan​

Time: 15.00PM-16.00PM GMT

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Tuesday 3rd June, 2014

Cloud, hosted or on-premises? Understanding your Lync deployment options

With an increasing number of deployment options available to those considering Microsoft Lync, from the functionality offered within Office 365 to fully hosted solutions offered by specialist service providers, it is not easy to understand the nuances or evaluate the most appropriate solution for your organisation.

The webinar will provide an open & honest appraisal of the various Lync deployment options available, giving due consideration to the business and infrastructure aspects, including value objectives, investments and strategy.

Presenter:  James Rodd and Tom Arbuthnot

Time: 15.00PM-16.00PM GMT

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Wednesday 11th June, 2014

Top 10 tips for planning a successful Lync deployment

You have made the decision to implement Microsoft Lync but what are the potential pitfalls and best practices for ensuring your deployment stands the best chances of success.

Calling upon our years of experience and wealth of expertise, this webinar will look at the key points to consider when planning your deployment from network and infrastructure to communications and adoption, helping you understand the implications that a Lync deployment has throughout the organisation.

Presenter:  Iain Smith

Time: 15.00PM-16.00PM GMT

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Wednesday 25th June, 2014

Don’t forget your users! Strategies for maximising end user adoption of Lync

The user adoption of any new solution is a critical factor in realising the associated benefits and value for the organisation as well as the perceived success of the project. Many good projects have been branded a failure due to poor adoption or negative user experience and feedback. Underestimate the process of user adoption at your peril!

This webinar will look at the best practice adoption strategies to maximise the utilisation of Lync among your end users, from physical training to soft communication strategies & cultural change. It will also give advice on enabling users to optimise the full functionality and become their own champions for changing the way they work.

Presenter: Richard Amery and Stuart Hardy

Time: 15.00PM-16.00PM GMT

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Thursday 10th July, 2014

The business importance of supporting your Lync implementation

Are your end-users getting the best experience? Are you monitoring the performance and usage of your Lync deployment? Do you find yourself continually fire-fighting or are you in control of your UC infrastructure? Do you know?

With a focus on the end-user experience and overall benefits for the business, this session takes a look at the monitoring and support requirements of Lync. From the speedy resolution of problems to the proactive monitoring of the usage, performance and quality of service to ensure your users and the business realise the true benefits and value of your UC investment.

Presenter:  Nick Seagrave

Time: 15.00PM-16.00PM GMT

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Thursday 24th July, 2014

Assessing the value of moving beyond IM and presence with Lync

The collaboration benefits of instant messaging and presence information are widely recognised, demonstrated by their wide scale use and research findings which suggest they contribute up to 30% increase in productivity and efficiency. But with the maturity of Lync conferencing and voice, could you leverage your Lync investment for further gain?

This webinar will look at the capabilities and value of Lync beyond IM and presence, with a specific focus on conferencing features and enterprise voice, assessing the possible benefits and considerations for using Lync as a replacement PBX and reducing conferencing services.

Presenter:  Tom Arbuthnot

Time: 15.00PM-16.00PM GMT

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Thursday 31st July, 2014

Art of the possible – extending the value of Microsoft Lync

A thought provoking look at how to enhance and extend your Lync investment to deliver further efficiency, productivity and financial benefits through communications enabling of business processes (CEBP).

Lync’s open API’s make it unique among UC technologies, allowing organisations teh opportunity to extend the value of Lync into supporting existing and new business processes through integration with other business applications and technoloies, as well as adding custom developed software applications.

This webinar will look at some real world examples of where businesses have exploited Lync’s open API’s for further gain, as well as thought provoking insight into a world of other possibilities for leveraging your Lync investment.

Presenter: James Rodd and Tom Morgan

Time: 15.00PM-16.00PM GMT

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For further info, check out the UK series and US series event details on our website.

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