Lync Server 2013 February 2013 Cumulative Update Released

In the follow up to the February 2013 updates for Lync 2013 (the client), Microsoft has today released the first Cumulative Update for the server side of the product.

This update is huge, because it delivers important post-RTM features:

  • Group Call Pickup. A much requested feature that allows users to pickup the ringing phones of other users. This is a feature a lot of PBXs provide today.
  • Location-Based Routing. This allows an administrator to force outbound PSTN calls for particular users out particular PSTN gateways. This is mostly a VoIP regulatory feature for particular geographies, but a good explanation of this from the conference is posted here.
  • The big one – Lync 2013 Mobility! The new Lync 2013 mobile clients require this CU to be able to work (once they’re publicly available).

You just need the LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe to update each Lync Server 2013 server. Remember to do the backend database update! 

Note: If you have an Enterprise Edition pool deployed with mirrored backend servers, be aware that you need to break and recreate the mirror relationship as part of installing the database update.

You can download the update here and view the corresponding KB article explaining what’s fixed also. Happy patching!

More Updated Tools

In addition, Microsoft have also delivered:

All in all, it’s a huge day for Lync coming off the announcements at the conference last week. Can’t wait for the new mobile clients to come!

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